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Hi! My name's Sekrit and I use this journal exclusively to participate in the South Park fandom. I'm trying to migrate over from LJ so everything is a mess; please be patient with me.

For ease of use, here is a complete list of fan fic I've written:

complete fics.

Fake Hipsters
LJ | | Stan/Kyle (+ others, incl. underage) | On Christmas break of his senior year in college, Stan comes home to figure out who he is, and what he wants out of life.

The Other Table
LJ | | Stan/Kyle (+ Craig/Kyle; others) | So many boys in the 11th grade class are gay that an academic comes to South Park looking for answers, manipulating Kyle (who is pining for Stan) into cooperating with him.

An Extended Metaphor
LJ | | Stan/Kyle | In what way is Kyle like a bicycle?

Three-Legged Race For Sprained Ankle Awareness Bake-Off
LJ | | Stan/Kyle | Stan could win the school bake-off, but Cartman has designs on the prize and might be willing to kill for it.

I Came A Long Way to See You, Now I Wish You Were Dead
LJ | | DA | Stan/Kyle, Craig/Tweek | Stan and Kyle own an antiques shop, but their landlord, Craig, wants to put them out of business.
[Written for a contest held by [ profile] imaginaaation; winner of said contest by popular vote.]

Catalinarian Orations
LJ | | Stan/Kyle | One morning, Kyle wakes up with a vagina.

Fruits and Birds
LJ | | Stan/Kyle | Kyle is obsessed with Christmas, and Stan wants to convert to Judaism. What could possibly go wrong?

God Only Knows
Cartman/Kyle, Cartman/Kenny, Cartman/Butters | A South Park/Big Love crossover

Things are Getting Kind of Gross
LJ | | Stan/Kyle, Butters/Kenny/Eric | for [ profile] burnawayy, who left the fandom | True, Stan shrieked like a little girl the first time Kyle woke up without any eyes, but Kyle tried not to make fun of the poor guy — if he could have seen his own reflection, he might have shrieked, too.

Liebe Und Krankheit
LJ | | Kenny/Clyde; Stan/Kyle | Clyde is affable and insecure; Kenny never even considered trading him sex for free shoes.

Stan Marsh's Love Plants
Stan/Kyle | For Stan and Kyle, the road to adulthood leads through Oregon.

Keep on Doing What You Do / Jerks on the Loose
LJ | | Kenny/Craig; Stan/Kyle | written for RandomGhostie in the 2010 #sp-artists Secret Santa | Kenny is anything but conventional; Craig is married. These are issues that are best worked out at the school Christmas pageant, yes/no?

clyde rando birthday forever
LJ | DA | Clyde/Butters | Clyde, highly suggestible, is miffed that everyone forgot his birthday.

Subliminal Babywalls [xposted to porn]
LJ | Y!Gal | Stan/Kyle | Kyle wants rimming for his birthday.

Stan/Kyle | On Christmas Eve, a mouse runs across Stan's bedroom floor.

Jew Swap
Wendy assembles 13 old classmates and one rando for a party, only to discover what she should have already known: These people suck.

Walpurgis Night | AO3 | Stan/Kyle, Craig/Wendy | for [ profile] spbigbang's SPBB 2012 | After a nuclear attack on the US, Stan decides to rescue Kyle, with whom he's been fighting, from ground zero. Kenny comes along for the ride.

Stanley and the Faun
LJ | AO3 | Stan/Kyle | AU |Once upon a time there lived a faun who had been banished from the village.

Scarlett O'Hara's Coffee Cantata
Stan/Kyle | based on a pic from Noxicosis | for [ profile] spbigbang's SPRMB 2012 | Kyle dreams of being human.

chaptered fics in progress.

The Rectum is a Tomb
LJ |
Stan/Kyle (+ many, many others), R/NC17, AU
In 1980s London, Stan uses men like Kleenex, drinks, gossips, and pines for Kyle. Little do they know etc etc.

Love Boat (With Men)
Stan/Kyle, Kenny/Butters, various, R-NC17
Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters, and Cartman go on a gay party boat together and all of them are super pathetic -- this is not a serious story and it might not get finished.

untitled complete fics written as gifts.

Written for [ profile] destrokker.

Stan/Kyle, PG13
Written for [ profile] fletset, who asked for S/K with a Yom Kippur theme.

For Eishi
Stan/Kyle, PG
Written for [ profile] eishitz, who asked for the prompt in walks a timid librarian.

For Fletset
Stan/Kyle, PG
Written for [ profile] fletset, who asked for the prompt nightmares.

Stan/Kyle, PG13
Written for [ profile] emzyme.

For nhaingen: Clyde X Halfie
Halfie/Clyde, PG13
Written for [ profile] negniahn.

border militias and whore-offs
Stan/Kyle, PG13
Written for [ profile] negniahn.

For RandomGhostie: CraigxKenny
Craig/Kenny, PG
Written for RandomGhostie in the 2010 #sp-artists Secret Santa. Complete story here.

Stan/Kyle, incidentally, but other creepy ones, too, PG13
Based on this picture by [ profile] negniahn. Mpreg.
When Stan is 13 he has a horrible teen mom problem and has to go live with his uncle in the woods.

drabbles for south park prom
Various pairings, PGish
Drabble requests taken for an event -- multiple characters, pairings, etc.


Levi Johnston

Stan/Kyle, PG13

Multiplicty of Craigs
Craig/Mephisto, PG13
Craig and Mephisto break up. What's a scientist with a bunch of cloning equipment to do?

Kyle gets a dick piercing
Stan/Kyle, PG13
Exactly what it sounds like.

Stan/Kyle...ish, G
I don't think SARS can kill you.

nine scraps
Various, G-PG13
What it says on the tin.

little hot dogs
Stan/Kyle, G-PG13

70s fic
Stan/Kyle, various, PG13
Kyle is the queen of disco!


Stan Sluts His Way Through Europe
Stan/Kyle, Stan/OC, NC17
Written for [ profile] emzyme's pornography contest; fic never completed and contest never judged.

Subliminal Babywalls [xposted to works complete]
LJ | Y!Gal
Stan/Kyle, NC17
Kyle wants rimming for his birthday. And a steak.
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